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Enter our website and discover a world of diving adventure, beauty and excitement.   Palau is considered to be one of the underwater wonders of the world, and why divers keep coming back - to paradise, please read inside to see why.

offers visiting divers the opportunity to experience the thrill of close proximity to reef sharks, the luxurious feeling of drifting in the ocean currents along walls saturated with colorful coral, or even the chance to float in a sea of jellyfish!   Every dive brings you close to more than 1300 types of fish inhabiting the coral lagoon and adjacent islands - like the sharks and barracuda at Blue Corner and the manta rays at German Channel.  All in one of the most beautiful islands settings in the Pacific ocean - if not the world.

palau diving and scuba
This is your home to an amazing selection of Palau's best dive centers and amazing liveaboards to enjoy your visit here even more.

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Join us for trips to the popular sites, but don't forget the lesser known spots like the WWII wrecks and even some very unvisited reefs and bommies. Of course One of Palau's real treasures is the opportunity to snorkel in the world famous Jellyfish lake - where you can paddle among the thousands of harmless jellyfish.


 is the westernmost cluster of the six major island groups that make up the Caroline Islands, lies 1000km (600 miles) east of the Philippines.

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